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 August 2014

The CGA Board agreed that the CGA Offices should move into new office premises and so combine with Citrus Academy. We watched as the office building went up - a year from start to (almost) finished, and moved in during July 2014. 


Back row: Liane Esch, Paul Hardman, John Edmonds, Gloria Weare
Front row: Robert Miller, Justin Chadwick, Mitchell Brooke


Left : 
Dr Hoppie Nel, who retired from the Board in April 2013, has served since 1997. He is presently Chairman of the Citrus Research International (CRI) Board. Right : Dr Jock Danckwerts, Per Noddeboe and George Hall  receiving their Long Service Awards from Chairman Pieter Nortje.

Graham Piner and Antoine Rouillard also were also presented with Long Service Awards and a gift. Antoine has been on the Board since its inception in 1997, making him the only director left of the Board from its inception.

A Strategic Planning Meeting was held at the Birchwood Hotel and Conference Centre, near ORT airport in Johannesburg in June 2013.  The aim of the meeting was to re-look at the Objectives to see if the CGA was still heading in the right direction.
Petit Centre at Birchwood where Strat Planning meeting was held.  Plane coming into land at ORT seen in winter sunset from Birchwood Hotel. 

Louis von  Broembsen was contracted to facilitate the Strategic Planning Meeting. Here he is with Paul Hardman (seated) Right: Autumn colours still in evidence on the roads through Birchwood.

Mzo Makhanya, (CGDC Chairman), Mono Mashaba (CGA  Govt Relations & International Market Development) with Fanie Meyer (CGA Director Hoedspruit), Piet Smit from Bosveld Sitrus, and 'our' Piet Smit (CGA Director W Cape)  Right : CGA Directors Hannes Hobbs, Justin Chadwick (CEO), Jan Louis Pretorius  (young citrus grower) and Mitchell Brooke in discussions at workshop.
CGA Directors, staff, senior stakeholders and young growers in their discussion groups.   


 THE BEACH HOTEL, SUMMERSTRAND was the venue for the CGA Director's Board Meeting and Annual General Meeting held in September 2013. The Chairman, Pieter Nortje thanked several of the Directors for their service to the CGA Board over 10 years and more. Certificates and gifts were presented.

It was interesting to note that the Objectives are basically the same as they were over 10 years ago, with the addition of a few points that the growers have requested in the past 5 years.

Report from Strategic Planning Session - by Louis von Broembsen

Mission Statement

The Citrus Growers Association will maximise the long-term profitability of its members by:

  • providing the industry with access to global markets,
  • optimising cost effective production of quality fruit,
  • continual commitment to research, development and communication with all stakeholders,
  • caring for the environment and the community within which we operate.

Key Strategies

  • to gain and retain market access,
  • to set standards for fruit and quality,
  • to fund and control research and development,
  • to drive industry transformation
  • to represent the growers
  • to communicate effectively,
  • to optimise the structure of the C.G.A.

The CGA was established by citrus growers in the wake of deregulation in 1997.  Growers were concerned that certain functions previously carried out by the Citrus Board could be discontinued or downsized.  With the demise of a single channel marketing  system there are often questions about “who represents the citrus grower?”  The CGA believes that it is their role to fill this void.  Growers interests are furthered through representation to citrus industry stakeholders – including government, exporters, research institutions and suppliers to the citrus industry.

The CGA represents the interests of the producers of export citrus.  In total approximately 1400 growers throughout Southern Africa (including Zimbabwe and Swaziland) are members of the Association. 

The growers are organised into  regions as follows:-

Western Cape Natal Midlands
Onderberg Nelspruit
Letsitele   Limpopo
N Cape - Oranje Rivier  Senwes Transvaal
Swaziland   Zimbabwe
Boland      Sundays River Valley
Patensie     E Cape Midlands
Hoedspruit   Nkwalini

There are also two directors who represent the previously disadvantaged farmers in the Northern and Southern regions.

Market access is the cornerstone of the citrus industry – particularly access to the more lucrative markets (USA, EU and Far East).  To gain and maintain access to these markets requires the production of fruit of the required standard.  Providing citrus fruit of the required standard and adhering to food safety and phytosanitary requirements can only be maintained through well directed research. 

Research is therefore considered the primary function of the Association. Citrus Research International (CRI) is situated in Nelspruit. The Association drives the growers research effort; ensuring that research funding is adequate and sustainable; determining growers research priorities, directing the research effort and controlling research expenditure. CRI has its own website www.cri.co.za

Transformation within the citrus industry has become another leg of the CGA’s responsibilities. 
Following on from a Transformation Workshop held in July 2008, the transformation portfolio is being re-structured. Extension officers have been appointed in the north and south, with a newly created position of Transformation Administrator at the CGA offices in Hillcrest whose task will be to co-ordinate  transformation within the citrus industry. Mentorship also plays a big part in assisting previously disadvantaged citrus farmers to improve their knowledge.

Linked to the Transformation process, is the Citrus Academy which was formed at the beginning of 2005 and is now a separate entity. The Citrus Growers Association recognised the shortage of skills and technical capacity as one of the major threats to the ability of the South African citrus industry to maintain its competitive edge in world markets. In addition, there has been an increasing participation in the industry by previously disadvantaged individuals through Black Economic Empowerment and land redistribution initiatives.  It has been found that PDI’s require, in most cases, development of basic literacy, technical and business management skills to enable them to establish sustainable and profitable farming enterprises. You can read more about the Citrus Academy by logging onto their website www.citrusacademy.org

Communication to and from growers is considered essential.  Growers are kept abreast of industry issues through the use of bulk e-mails, the website, the S A Fruit Journal, roadshows and personal contact.

  1. The SA Fruit Journal is a bi-monthly magazine which is shared with deciduous and sub tropical and sent to all growers of export citrus and the other commodities. Companies can advertise in these publications by contacting  Ignatius Vlok on 082-3312127. 
  2. Research Symposiums and Grower Days –  Research symposiums and Roadshows plus the bi-annual Citrus Symposium are other very successful ways of reaching the growers. 
  3. The CGA has distributed Transformation publications every second year since 2005. The first one was Our Citrus Transforms in 2005/6, followed by Women in Citrus in 2008, Youth in Citrus in February 2010 and Fruits of Success in 2011/12.
  4. The CGA has been in the habit of holding its Annual General Meeting in a different part of the country each year.  So far it has been held in Port Elizabeth, Nelspruit, Stellenbosch, Letsitele,  Hoedspruit, Tshipise and the Drakensberg in KZN. This gives citrus growers from all around the country the chance to attend the AGM and meet with the CGA directors and staff. However the logistics of this made the Board decide to rather hold the AGM's at the bigger centres as from 2013. The next AGM will be held in Durban, KZN.
  5. Logistics is another area in which the growers of southern Africa have requested that the CGA gets involved. A Logistics Co-ordinating Manager has been appointed to investigate more efficient ways for growers to get their fruit to the harbours, and to the viability of increasing the usage of Maputo harbour.
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